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Step 5 - Communicating the launch
Step 5 - Communicating the launch
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As you embark on the virtuous circle of employee feedback, it is important that all your teams embrace the Supermood approach as much as possible. This is what will allow you to obtain the most meaningful and realistic results - essential to the success of your action plan.

The key to this is - unsurprisingly - communication!

In this article:


It is important that all of your teams - employees and managers - are in the best of dispositions for this new adventure.

To ensure their support, be sure to share your initiative at least 1 week before the launch.

If you have "non-connected" populations (who do not use a professional email address), consider extending this period to a minimum of 2 weeks in order to give yourself time to set up a system of communication in the break rooms, for example.


Communicating with employees

The important subjects

When it comes to announcing the Supermood experience, we've found that the most effective communications typically address three key points. 👇

  1. You are doing this for them. This initiative is first and foremost thought to improve their daily work life, based on their own feedback. Share with them the article What is Supermood?

  2. It is in their best interest to answer honestly and participate in every survey. This is what will ensure that you make the most informed decisions for your teams.

  3. You are using a trusted third party to ensure that everything is truly confidential. Feel free to share with them the dedicated article Supermood and my data: the importance of privacy.

Communication methods

There are different ways to present the launch of the program to your teams. The most used are:

  • By email, while giving them the opportunity to answer back and ask you questions.
    If you choose this method, feel free to use our introduction templates as inspiration.

  • In person, during a general or team meeting, where you have the advantage of being able to make a visual presentation and answer questions or concerns on the spot.

In both of these scenarios, you can also plan an internal promotional campaign announcing the rollout through posters like the ones we have prepared for you here (available in French and English).

💡 Useful tip

In your communication to employees, consider notifying them of:
→ when they should expect to receive their first survey;
→ and that the invitation will come from [email protected].

This will allow them to track the survey email and alert you if they do not receive it.

Communicating with managers

For the success of your Supermood project, management teams also have a key role. So in your introductory message, remember to convey these three important points to them:

  1. Supermood is about improving everyone's commitment and growing your business.

  2. They are key to the success of the initiative and are invited to contribute to the surveys along with everyone else in the company.

  3. They will be included in the implementation of solutions and action plans with their teams.

💡 Useful tip

To introduce the launch of Supermood to your managers, we recommend that you first send an introductory email outlining the key messages listed above and schedule time internally for questions and answers about the tool and their role in the process.

📌 Our communication materials

To accompany your teams, we have prepared these materials. 🛟

Feel free to use them as is or customize them where possible and relevant. 👍

See you after the start of your survey for Step 6 - Analyse the results of the 1st survey!

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