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Step 4 - Preparing the launch survey
Step 4 - Preparing the launch survey
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Now that you are familiar with the survey creation features, it's time to prepare the first survey intended for your employees: the launch survey.
Now it's time to prepare the first survey for your employees: the launch survey.
Here are our tips for reaching your target audience and getting the most relevant results possible. 🎯

In this article:

Asking the right questions

Creating a survey can be tricky, even intimidating - especially a launch survey.

The Supermood recommendation

To get your Supermood project off to a great start, we highly recommend using our Engagement Audit survey template. It allows you to assess the main themes around well-being at work, and thus to identify what is driving engagement within your company and where there is a need for improvement.

Feel free to also add the metric you want to track throughout the experience. Generally speaking, we recommend using the eNPS question because it is a versatile and effective measurement tool, but you can choose another one according to your needs. Your Project Manager can guide you in this choice.

The survey templates

If you have already identified a particular topic that you want to explore as soon as possible ( change management, digital transformation or hyper-growth, for example), don't hesitate to pick from the other survey templates written by our experts.

Tips for creating a survey from scratch

Finally, if you have a clearer idea of what you want to cover and how you want to cover it, you can of course create your first survey yourself.
To make your job easier, we have listed some best practices for creating a consistent survey.

Scheduling at the best time

The timing of your launch can have a big impact on the quantity and quality of responses you get.

Allow yourself enough time to communicate

We recommend that you allow enough time to properly communicate the launch of Supermood to all your teams.

In practice, it usually takes at least 2 weeks to prepare your internal communications on all the media of your choice (emails, meeting presentations, discussions, etc.); sometimes more if you survey non-connected employees and want to create and install physical mediums, for example.

Make sure your teams are available

About 75% of survey responses are recorded within the first 48 hours.

So make sure your teams are available at the time of launch: avoid vacation periods, Friday nights, or any other time when you know a significant portion of your team will not be able to participate.

Please see our help article: Scheduling a Survey.

Surveying all employees

When conducting your kick-off survey, we strongly recommend that you include everyone in your organization.

It is very important that everyone is and feels included in the process - especially if you are assessing the overall situation. This also ensures that you don't overlook a struggling team.

Before the launch

Is your survey ready? Remember to :

In the meantime, you can already move on to the next step: Step 5 - Communicating the launch!

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