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Survey communication channels
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Surveys can be shared in a variety of ways: by email, via your intranet (using our API), through SMS, or by sharing the Supermood login link directly with your employees.
To give your surveys more visibility, you can combine several channels within your organization. Find out in this article which channels are best suited to your context!

In this article:

Comparison table

Identify the features available for each channel to make your choice and define your communication plan.

Accessible to non-connected employees (without an email address)

Automatic authentication
No need to log in with a username and password to answer the surveys

Notification at survey launch
Programmed from the platform

Scheduled reminder
Programmed from the platform


If your employees have a business email address, we recommend using this communication channel.

👍 Benefits

  • Employees receive a notification to take the survey, as well as reminders if they have not yet responded.

  • They can access their survey in one click, without having to log in first.

  • They are notified if there has been a reaction to one of their comments.

🛠 Implementation

  1. Make sure you receive Supermood emails by authorizing emails from our forwarding addresses.

  2. Fill in your employees' email addresses when updating the databases.
    ℹ️ If you are going to use your employees' personal email addresses, consider gathering their consent first.

  3. Set up your survey email blasts and you're done! 📤

Answer surveys from your intranet (Survey answer API)

Our API allows you to survey employees directly from your internal tools (intranet, payroll software, etc.) without requiring them to enter a login and password. From your tool, they simply click on the redirect link provided by the API to enter their participant space, where they will find their current surveys.

👍 Benefits

  • Use your work tools to survey your employees. Very convenient for employees who don't have access to or may not read their emails!

  • They can access their survey in one click, without having to log in first.

🛠 Implementation

⚠️ The API does not allow you to send notifications. You will need to remember to carefully communicate to your collaborators when a survey is launched. For example, you can send a message via the intranet and ask the team managers to notify their teams.

Login link to the participant space

Your employees can directly connect to their participant space on Supermood, where they will find their current surveys. All you have to do is provide them with this link:!/loginv2

👍 Benefits

  • Reach out to non-connected audiences.

  • Send reminders to employees by sharing a simple link.

  • Easily share surveys through your preferred means (posters with a QR Code, tablet provided on the premises...).

🛠 Implementation

  • For employees with an email address: Send out the connection link, employees will only have to fill in their email address and will be able to define their password when they first connect.

  • For employees without an email address or professional number: They will have to connect with their identifier and a secret code that has been assigned to them. You can find the step-by-step instructions in our article: Giving access to the Participant Space via an identifier and a secret code.


You can send your survey links via SMS. Employees will be able to take the surveys without having to enter a username and password.

👍 Benefits

  • Reach field employees (who rarely have access to a computer).

  • Send a notification to complete the survey.

  • Access the survey in a click, without having to log in first.

🛠 Implementation

  • Contact your Account Manager to initiate the request.

  • Fill in the phone numbers when you update your employee base.
    ℹ️ If you are going to use your employees' personal numbers, remember to gather their consent first.

⚠️ Please note: you will need to collect a unique phone number per employee. The solution does not work for shared phone numbers (on-call phone, etc.). If several employees share the same phone number, the employee holding the phone at the time of the survey launch will receive SMS messages for everybody. This could result in the employee answering for their colleagues.

Need help choosing the most appropriate options for your organization? Ask your Account Manager for advice! 💁‍♀️

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