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Want to integrate Supermood with your favorite tool? It's possible!
Whether your organization uses Teams, Slack, Salesforce, an HR software or an in-house intranet... reach your colleagues wherever they are by integrating a direct access to their participant space.

ℹ️ Technical documentation
Supermood APIs are external HTTP REST APIs. To browse the documentation, download our file Supermood API Documentation and simply paste its contents into Swagger Editor.

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🔎 About the Survey answer API

An API is a set of protocols that is used to link two pieces of software together for an exchange of data and functionality. You can think of it as a group of building blocks that will allow your technical team to build a bridge between your software and Supermood.
In other words, it's what will allow you to create a custom integration, tailored to your needs.

The Survey Answer API's purpose is to provide a link to the employee's participant interface. It allows them to be automatically connected to their interface, where they will find their ongoing surveys.

➤ A unique link per user is embedded in their environment.
➤ The user directly accesses their surveys by clicking on the link.
➤ No need to check emails or remember an additional password!

💡 This API does not include automatic notification settings. Remember to notify your teams when a survey is available!

✨ Integration possibilities

  • Integrate Supermood within your in-house intranet
    With this API, your tech team can create a custom application to integrate into your intranet, and have it take the form that best suits your tool: a dedicated tab, a popup, a banner, etc.

  • Integrate Supermood with your favorite communication software
    Your teams have a favorite software they use daily? You can create a custom application that can be integrated into Teams, or Slack, for example.

  • Easily survey non-connected employees
    Some of your coworkers don't have an email address, or simply don't check their emails regularly? The integration can also be designed for mobile tools - or any other device that has a browser.

💡 ℹ️ Technical information
There are 2 different calls to get a user's link: via the email address, or via the employee's identifier. For "non-connected" users (without an email address), you can use the identifier.

✅ Requirements

To benefit from the Survey answer API, your organization must have:

  • A digital tool your employees use daily (Intranet, Teams, etc.)

  • A developer to create the integration from the documentation

🧰 Using Supermood's APIs

1. Request a test account

First, contact your Account Manager to get a test environment so that your teams can develop your integration safely.
Remember to include in this exchange the person responsible for setting up the API (often your CIO/ISD) so that they can be given admin access to the test account.

2. Create a service account

Once your test account is available, you (or your CIO, for example) will need to go to My account > Settings > Integrations. Here, create a service account by clicking on the "Add a service account" button. This service account will be necessary to the integration.

⚠️ Be sure to save the username and password you are given at this step - as a security measure, they cannot be provided again.

3. Develop

Safely transmit the service account info and the documentation below to your developer so they can create the integration and test it on the test account.

ℹ️ Technical documentation

4. Deploy!

Once your integration is tested and approved, create a new service account from your main account (as seen in step 2.) and forward it to your developer so that they can implement the integration. 🚀

If you have any issue with our API, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] ! 💁‍♀️

Supermood's APIs

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