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Encouraging participation: after the survey
Encouraging participation: after the survey
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In this article, you can find our tips on how to encourage participation in future surveys:

🤝 Involving employees

Communicating with your staff at every stage is the best way to encourage them to participate in surveys. Make sure you :

  • thank them for their participation. You can send a global thank you message on your intranet or thank the teams in person during a meeting. You can also respond to employees' comments and show them that you take their feedback into account: React to employees' comments.

  • share the results. When sharing the results, directly propose an idea for action or open the discussion on a few key topics. See our tips for presenting the results in this article: Share the results with your team.

  • Open up the discussion with a dedicated sharing time. Employees will be more likely to participate in surveys if they understand how their responses are analyzed and used. Allow them to bounce back and forth on the issues raised and expand on their feedback with our discussion guide.
    This shows your staff that their opinions have been heard and they will be more likely to share again in future surveys.

🚀 Rewarding participation with some actions

Actions are a good incentive to complete surveys. They represent the steps taken to improve business life through survey feedback.

So show your staff that they can influence the company's life through their feedback by :

  • adding actions to Supermood and sharing them (Adding actions) ;

  • highlighting the actions taken (photos, celebrations);

  • asking them in meetings how their feelings have changed following the latest actions;

  • announcing the next steps planned to act on the problematic issues.

📣 Announcing the next survey

Once you are in a continuous feedback process, keep your staff informed throughout the process. You can inform them about the information related to the next survey: the topic and the dates of the survey. This will allow staff to schedule a time to respond.

⭐️ Debriefing the last survey

To optimize the participation rate of the next survey, there is nothing better than a debriefing on the past survey.

Keeping track of the participation rate

It is possible to track the participation rate of successive surveys throughout a campaign. It allows you to:

  • measure employee adherence to the Supermood initiative,

  • identify a survey that did not reach its target,

  • detect a disengaged team.

Collect participants' opinions

You can ask local managers to collect some feedback on the last survey. Here are some questions they could ask:

  • Was the communication around the survey effective? What improvements can we make?

  • Was the survey open for a long enough period?

  • Was it quick and easy to complete?

  • Were the topics covered relevant?

  • What topics would you like to talk about in the future?

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