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Supermood's main goal is to initiate the virtuous circle of employee feedback through surveys, a thorough analysis of the results, and the implementation of actions.


Employees are expected to contribute to the project by completing the surveys, but their contribution is not limited to the surveys!
Let's see here how you can involve your teams for the success of your company. 🤝

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👂 Enable reaction to comments

Benefits: materialize your listening posture with employees / open up dialogue on relevant topics with the people who speak best about them.

Comments allow employees to express themselves freely on one or more topics.
When reaction to comments is enabled on the account, everyone who has access to results (administrators, results viewers and campaign owners) has the ability to react to employee comments - while protecting the employee's identity.

This way, the management team can thank the author of a message, inform them that their feedback has been taken care of, or even ask to better understand the potential issue... All without breaking confidentiality and with just a few clicks!

⇒ Learn more: Sending a reaction to a comment

👀 Add "visible" actions

Benefit: evaluate the reach and effectiveness of your actions through employee votes.

When you add an action on the platform, you decide, among other things, about its visibility to your teams.

By adding "visible" actions, they will be displayed on the participant's space for 3 months.
They will then be able to choose to assign a "👍" to all actions they think deserve one - giving you a good idea of what your teams liked or didn't like, and allowing you to evaluate the impact of your action plan.

⇒ Learn more: Adding actions

💌 Set up the SuperLike

Benefit: Create a positive emulation that boosts recognition within your teams.

The SuperLike is a great tool for recognition between employees.
Once a week (this is the most used frequency), each employee has the opportunity to give a SuperLike to the person of their choice with, if they wish, a nice message and/or a GIF!

Need advice on how to make sure these features are right for your organization? Consider writing to your Account Manager, who will be able to provide guidance. 🎯

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