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Not receiving certain emails from Supermood? You may have unsubscribed from one of the types of emails we send to our users.

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How to make sure you receive our emails

Have a look at your preferences page and check all the boxes so you don't miss out on a survey or important information! ✅

You will be able to change your preferences again at any time from your participant space using the menu at the top right:

Until the next emails come in, if you'd like to take a current survey, you can access it by logging directly into your Supermood interface - surveys that have been sent to you that you haven't taken yet are waiting for you there. 🧑‍💻

ℹ️ Only you can view or change these preferences on your accounts. If you have multiple Supermood accounts attached to a single email address, any changes you make to your preferences will be applied to all of your accounts for that address.

What are our emails about?

We care about the well-being and respect of our users. For this reason, we do not send you emails with commercial purposes. You can find here the description of the emails we might send you. 👇

  • 🚀 Receive survey emails

    No mystery here: these emails notify you when you have a survey to answer to. They contain a button that takes you directly to your survey so you can participate with one click.

  • ⏰ Receive reminders before surveys end

    Reminder emails allow you, if you were not able to participate in the survey when it was launched, to join the bandwagon. We only send you reminder emails if you have not answered yet.

  • 👍 Receive emails that notify me I have a new SuperLike to send to someone

    Bringing recognition and a little sunshine to your colleagues' day is a weekly ritual that you don't want to miss. These emails let you know when you can send a SuperLike to one of your colleagues.

  • 📊 Receive emails when an end of survey report is available within my scope

    Only available to those who have results to review.
    At the end of a survey, we alert you with an email containing a direct link to the survey report so that you can go and analyze your team's results in one click.

  • 👀 Be informed when a manager leaves a reaction on one of my comments

    When managers or administrators review survey comments, they may leave reactions. Without these emails, you won't know which feedback was sent to you or by whom.

  • 💡 Receive emails about platform tips and advice

    Only available to those who have results to review.
    These are very sparse emails, containing information on how to properly use the platform and analyze results.

Any doubts or concerns? Please contact us at [email protected] - we will be happy to help you. 💁‍♀️

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