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Branding emails and the participation space
Branding emails and the participation space
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Available for: Admins

Your graphic identity is important to you? You can choose to have the emails and the coworker space (including surveys and SuperLike) dressed in your company colors!


To do so, go in My account > Settings > Customisation and follow the instructions.

💡 Our recommandations
Supermood is the trusted third party guaranteeing and bearing the responsibility for the confidentiality of answers. In order to preserve this assurance towards your employees, we recommend using co-branded signatures (i.e. containing both your company's and Supermood's signature).

Graphic design

When you customize Supermood here, it will affect all the content available to employees: the coworker space as well as all emails.

🎨 Color

By adding your brand color, you customize:

  • the main color displayed in the coworker space, surveys and SuperLike;

  • the color of the text separator line and the access button in all emails.

To do this, enter your color in hexadecimal format, then click "Save".

🐾 Logo

By adding your logo, you will see it appear :

  • in all emails ;

  • in all section pages, when you create sections within your surveys.

We recommend that you use co-branding by associating your logo with Supermood's. To do this, you can find a template right here that you just need to add your logo to!

ℹ️ In order for our emails to be readable on mobile, the logos must be light and not exceed 20 KB. So remember to reduce the size of the logo before uploading it to the platform (using a free online image reduction software, for example).

Emails' subject and sender

The emails we send to your employees are signed by Supermood by default. You can change the signature elements if you wish.

  • The email sender:
    The name of the sender as it appears in the recipient's inbox (the sending email address cannot be changed, and will remain [email protected]). We recommend using the "YourCompany & Supermood" format.

  • Email subject prefix:
    By default, all email subject lines are prefixed with "Supermood - ". We recommend that you keep this form but you can decide either not to use a prefix or to change it.

  • The signature:
    This is the name and email address that appears at the bottom of the email.
    By default, emails are signed "Supermood Team", followed by the address [email protected]. We recommend that you use " Supermood & YourCompany Teams".
    Since the signature email address invites employees to ask questions, you may choose to replace it with the email address of the Supermood project manager within your company.

You have a doubt or a question? Write to us at [email protected]! 🧑‍💻

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