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Whitelisting is something that will need to be configured by the email or network administrators at your Organization to ensure email delivery and full access to the Supermood system.

Email Whitelisting

We recommend you to whitelist all the emails sent from :

ℹ️ Email delivery rate:
Supermood sends 10 e-mails per second so that coworkers can quickly receive their survey links. Make sure your SMTP servers can handle more than 10 connections per second.
Our servers respect "retry later" (SMTP 421). So if your servers are temporarily unavailable and return this error code, we'll retry the mail later automatically.

URL Whitelisting

To avoid any loading or display issue on the platform, we recommend you to whitelist the following URLs :

Do not hesitate to contact our support team at [email protected] if you have any further questions ! They’ll be delighted to assist you 😄

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