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How to import your list of coworkers
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Available for: Admins

Save time by importing an Excel file to add, edit and delete coworkers in bulk.

To import your Excel file, go to Teams > My Coworkers and click Import File. This 5-step import process allows you to verify your file before integrating the data into your Supermood account.

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Before starting the import, remember to:

In this article:

1. Choosing the population and selecting the file

Start by choosing the population you want to update: all employees or only a part (a country, a department, all departments except one, etc.).

Then, simply select your file.
It must be :

  • be in Excel format (.xlsx),

  • contain only one tab,

  • be unencrypted by a password.

2. Matching the analysis filters

This step prompts you to link the columns in your file to the analysis filters defined in your account. Depending on the situation, you can match columns and filters, ignore unused filters, or add missing filters.

  • Matching columns and filters
    On the left you will find the analysis filters defined on your account and on the right the column headings of your Excel file. All you have to do is make the links!


To save time, name your columns with the same headings as the analysis filters. The correspondence will be done automatically.

  • Ignoring unused filters
    If you want to update only part of the coworkers' fields or if you are missing some information in your file (empty or missing columns), ignore the corresponding filters - the values of these filters will not be impacted by the update!

⚠️ If you find yourself ignoring filters on a regular basis, this may be an indication that they are no longer useful. For better visibility of the results and in order to respect the personal data of your employees (RGPD), consider deleting them rather than ignoring them at each import.

  • Adding missing filters
    If there are columns in your file that do not match the filters set on your account, you will see an alert indicating that these columns will not be imported.
    If you do not need to integrate this information into your account, ignore this alert. If you do need to import this information, create the corresponding field in the Analysis Filters tab and upload your file again.

3. Verifying the data

At this stage, the platform tells you if there are any errors blocking the import or if there is any information to pay attention to.

  • Blocking errors (❌)
    An import can be blocked by missing mandatory contact information (first name, last name, language, active employee, email, or personal login) and duplicate emails or personal logins.

  • Non-blocking warnings (⚠️)
    The platform shows you the number of empty cells in each column. Be careful! If there was data previously entered in your account, importing empty cells will delete this information.

4. Validating employee movements

At this stage, the platform traces the differences between the coworkers in your file and the users that are already in your Supermood account.
You will be able to decide what happens to employees who:

Coworkers absent from your file

These are the coworkers that are not in your Excel file but only in your Supermood account.

For these, you have three options:

  • Keep as is - They will remain as is in your account.

  • Make them inactive - This option is recommended when employees are on vacation. They will still be present in your account but will be removed from the survey or SuperLike mailing lists.

  • Delete them - Select this option if your coworkers have left the company. Their profiles will be deleted but their past responses will remain intact in your results.

ℹ️ These actions will only have an impact on the population you are updating (all employees or a target population).

Coworkers who change their scope

During a targeted import on a population: these are the employees, already present in Supermood, who enter or leave the target population.
For those users, you have 2 possible actions:

  • Keep as is - They will retain the same information that is already in your Supermood account.

  • Apply changes - Coworkers will be updated with their new scope and all the data in your file.

5. Importing

You can now click on "Launch the import".

Once the import is launched, you can navigate to other tabs or close the page - the platform takes care of the update!

Once the import is complete, you will have access to a description of the import events (number of modified coworkers, errors, etc.) from the Excel Import page. 👍

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the support team at [email protected]!

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