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To facilitate the administration and access to the results in Supermood, we have created different access roles to the platform:


🔍 Administrators have full access to the platform (all Supermood modules). They can :

  • create surveys ;

  • see and export all results ;

  • manage the list of coworkers on the platform ;

  • give specific access.

Who is it for? For main project managers.
Our recommendation: It is recommended to restrict the number of administrators to a maximum of 10 users to maintain good communication and coordination on the overall project.

⇒ To assign this role, see our article: How to add an administrator.


🔍 Viewers have access to the Dashboard, Survey project module, Actions and Teams and they can :

  • see and export the results of the perimeter to which they have access ;

  • can access the comparison filters made available to them;

  • view the list of employees and all their information

  • download the list of employees in their perimeter, with their analysis filters, in Excel format.

Who is it for? This status is ideal for managers of a team of more than 10 coworkers to monitor the engagement of their coworkers and act quickly on key issues for their team.
Our recommendation: Provide the viewers with the contact of a referent administrator. This will allow them to send him/her the changes they need to make. They ensure that the list of coworkers within their perimeter is up to date.

⇒ To assign this role, see our article : Adding a viewer.

🔍 About filters:

  • Users having access to the entire account results (Perimeter = all coworkers) can zoom in on any demographic or organizational population using the available filters.

  • Whereas, the population filter of viewers with a defined scope will be set to the corresponding scope.

💡Tip - You can enable a second filter to allow users with access to the results to zoom in on a second population.


Project Manager

🔍 Project Manager have access to the Survey project module and they can :

  • view and edit the project they have access to ;

  • see and export all the results of the project to which they have access.

Who is it for? This status is ideal for managers who wish to create a localized project to survey coworkers on an identified topic within a specific population.
Our recommendation: Combine this status with viewer ! This will allow the project manager to check that the mailing list is correctly defined.

⇒ To assign this role, see our article: Adding a project manager 

Coworkers / participants

🔍 Coworkers only have access to their Participant Space, from which they can :

  • answer the surveys intended for them

  • edit their language and e-mail preferences;

  • mark their appreciation for the actions implemented.

⇒ To assign this role, all you need to do is create coworkers' profiles with at least the mandatory contact information [First name, Last name, Email or Personnel Identifier, Language, Active employee].

ℹRegardless of their level of rights, all users can access their participant space at any time.

If you have any other questions, drop us a line at [email protected] - we'd love to hear from you. 💁‍♀️

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