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Viewer can view results and teams on a targeted population. With this role, they can monitor employee engagement, act quickly on key issues for their team, and report any changes to be made to the employee database to the administrators. This is the role most often assigned to managers.

Viewers can therefore :

  • View results

  • View the list of employees and all their information

  • Download the list of employees in their perimeter, with their analysis filters, in Excel format.

You can now give additional access to certain readers using the "Manage teams" option. By activating this option, they will be able to :

  • Modify coworker information directly on the platform from their employee file

  • Manually add a coworker to your scope via the "Add a coworker" button

  • Remove a coworker from your scope of action

  • Retrieve an employee from the recycle garbage can (maximum 15 days)

  • Move an employee from one team to another

To assign a Viewer role, you need to have an e-mail address (non-connected co-workers can't get an access role) and you won't be able to give read rights on attributes that aren't filterable in the results.

💡Tip : if your managers wish to make corrections to the employee file, they can return to one of your account administrators directly to make the appropriate profile updates.

Let's take a look here at how to assign access to your managers on the platform! 💪

➕ Go to Access Rules ℹ️

In order to give certain managers the ability to view the results directly on the platform, you need to first go to the Teams > Access Rights > Viewers.

✍️ Add one or more viewers

Our tool allows you to add one or more viewers with a defined scope in an intuitive and fast way. First and foremost, make sure that the user to whom you want to assign the Viewer role (which will give them access to their team's results) is already added to your account.

To add one viewer :

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  1. Go to the Teams > Access Rights > Viewers

  2. Click on Add Viewers : the list of all your coworkers will appear in a dropdown menu

  3. If you want to grant access to a specific employee, you can search for their name directly in the search bar. Simply check the box next to the Name tab and click the Select button at the bottom of the page.

  4. You have two options:

    - give access to all results by selecting "All account results",
    - give access to results for a defined population. In this case, you need to select the "The population of" insert on the analysis filter with which you wish to configure access.

    (Example: If you wish to give access to all results for France, select "Country" and then the value "France").

  5. Then confirm the chosen population in the final validation step, which will summarize all access rights and allow you to make a final check. At this final stage, you also have the option of granting access to results and team views for several values (10 maximum).

    (Example: If you wish to give access to results and teams for France AND the USA, simply select both values from the list)

💡 Tip for easily selecting multiple readers at the same time:

Simply filter directly on the analysis filter that suits you.

In these cases, we advise you to create an Access rule analysis filter with values such as "Store manager", "Team manager", "Department manager" depending on the organization of your database.

You can then check the box next to the Name tab to select the entire list. Once your list has been selected, you can define rights in the same way as for a single employee.

(For example : if you want to give the role of Viewer to all managers in the Sales team, simply filter the "Team" filter with the value "Sales" and the "Manager" filter with the value "Yes". The list of all sales team managers will be displayed. In the same way, all you have to do is follow the 3 steps).

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Note : Viewers will be able to compare their results with all existing analysis filters.

✅ Activate the "Manage your teams" option

To give managers greater autonomy in managing their teams within the platform, you can now activate the "Manage their teams" option. Managers will now be able to create, organize and manage their teams without the need for administrative intervention.

To enable your Viewers to manage their teams, simply activate the notch in the list of available Viewers in the Access rights > Viewers tab.

If you'd like to give the "Manage your teams" option to several viewers at once, it's possible ! You can now select several people and activate this option via the tab that will appear at the bottom of your page.

Example : I want all my directors to be able to manage their team members' information. All I have to do is filter on Métier > Directeur, then select the complete list and click on Manage their teams.

On the Team Manager side, viewers can therefore make changes directly from the Teams tab via the pen icon, or add a new coworker from the "Add a coworkers" tab.

The team manager cannot view, modify or delete administrators, even if they are within his field of action.

🧐 Check viewers' access

Simply copy the email address into the search bar at the top of your list of viewers from the Teams> Access Rights > Viewer. You will then see the scope of results that the viewer has access to.

If they are not on the list, it means their rights are not active. Configure their rights with just a few clicks from this space directly !

✏️ Modify a viewer's access rights

Following an update to your database, one of your viewers has changed the scope of his access rights. Now it's easy to change his access rights !
Simply go to Access rights > Viewer and click on the pencil icon on the employee's line. All you have to do is assign the new perimeter by following the steps below.

Example: Let's take the case of SANDHURST Basil, formerly Director team, he is now attached to the Marketing team.

Once you've updated your employee file (either by Excel import or directly from the platform), you'll need to update his or her access rights on the platform. In this case, simply click on the pencil icon and assign the new access perimeter so that the team change is taken into account.

Modify access for several coworkers at the same time

If you need to modify the access perimeter of several viewers, you can do so simultaneously.

For example : 3 of my Team Managers changed teams this year. I use the filter button at the top of the page, Access rule > Team manager. I select the 3 employees affected and modify their access perimeter in a single step !

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] ☀️

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