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Available for: Admins, Results readers

Welcome to your Supermood Dashboard!

The Dashboard is the home page for Administrators and Viewers. It allows you to see your results at a glance, for an overall understanding of your account.

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👀 The data displayed

By default, the Dashboard displays data for your entire perimeter. Depending on your rights on the platform, you can refine the results.

To do so, you have a population filter that allows you to focus on the overall analysis of the dashboard. Click on "Add a filter" and choose a team.

📊 Your Main Question's monitoring

Administrators can choose the Main Question for the account, which will be followed throughout the Supermood experience (most often, it is the eNPS). This question is displayed first when you arrive on the dashboard, and you will be able to analyze it at a glance!

On the left:

On the right:

  • the score given by your teams on the last survey, and a benchmark if available,

  • the participation rate for this question,

  • the score breakdown in percentages (ambassadors, passives...).

  • the score evolution over time (in blue),

  • the benchmark (in yellow) - internal or external, if available.

If available, the evolution of the external benchmark (All companies, Companies of the same sector or size) is represented quarter by quarter.

You can click on "View latest results" to further analyze the results of the question in the last survey.

💬 The latest comments

To make sure you don't miss out on any of your coworkers' feedback, we display the latest comments on the bottom left.

By clicking on a comment, you can directly access the question's details: the evolution and distribution of scores, if any, as well as all the other comments it has received.

To get the most out of them, read our tips here: Analyzing comments

🔥 The latest surveys

With one click, you have access to your latest survey reports to analyze your results. In the "Surveys" box at the bottom right, switch from the current surveys to the latest finished ones by switching from one tab to the other.

Be sure to check out our article: Analyzing the last survey

Feel free to explore your dashboard! Play with the settings and click on the different blocks to dig into the different topics that come up. 🤓

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