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Manual editing is convenient if you need to edit one or two coworkers. When you want to update more than 10 coworkers, go through an Excel import instead.
In order to have the most accurate participation rate possible, it is necessary to manage your list of coworkers:

To add, modify or delete a coworker manually in the platform, go to the Teams menu and then the "My coworkers" tab.

➕ Add a coworker

Click on the "Add" button and select "Add a coworker".

You will arrive on an empty coworker profile form, which will allow you to fill in the information necessary to add him/her.

To validate the addition of a coworker, it is necessary to fill in at least the contact information: First name, Last name, Email and/or Personnel number, Language, and Active yes/no.

✍️ Modify the information of a coworker

You have noticed that the information of a coworker is not up to date, a small modification is necessary. Good news, it's very simple!

You have a list of your coworkers, and to the right of each name, editing icons allow you to access the profile of each coworker. You can edit the information of a coworker on this record.

💡 Pro tip: If you want to create a new value, click on the corresponding fiels, scroll down the list and click on "Add new value".

🚫 Deactivate a coworker

Deactivating coworkers temporarily removes them from the mailing lists of all your surveys and/or SuperLike. It will therefore not be counted in your participation rates.

When to deactivate a coworker?

Deactivate :

  • employees on leave

  • or users you don't want to send any surveys to.

💡Tip: If you want a user to only have access to read results but not be included in the survey or SuperLike mailing lists, set them to inactive. They will still be able to access their administrator interface.

How to deactivate a coworker?

In manual mode, you can deactivate a coworker directly from the list of coworkers or from his profile:

  • From the list of coworkers: select the coworker(s) you want to set to inactive by ticking their profile(s) on the left and click on the make inactive button, which appears at the top next to the 'Export' button.

  • From their profile: use the 'Active' toggle button to indicate the active or inactive status.

❌ Delete a coworker

By deleting a coworker, you remove their record from the platform but keep their past responses in the consolidated results views.

When to delete a coworker?

In order to comply with the GDPR, it is essential that you do not keep any personal information (first name, last name, etc.) about employees who have left the company in your Supermood account. So remember to regularly delete all employees who have left the company.

How to delete a coworker?

  1. Search for the user in the search bar and click on the edit icon to access their profile.

  2. Click on "This coworker has left the company".

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