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Giving access to the Participant Space to non-connected coworkers (without an email address)
Giving access to the Participant Space to non-connected coworkers (without an email address)
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You may be wondering how to get Supermood surveys to employees who don't have a phone number or business email address. Good news! You can set up an identifier and secret code system, allowing them to take the surveys without having to enter an email address.


ℹ️ Users without an email address are referred to as "non-connected" employees. Nevertheless, they will need to have access to a digital tool (computer, tablet or smartphone) to be able to complete the surveys.

In this article :

🪪 Step 1: Integrate Non-Connected coworkers

There are several ways to add coworkers: The different ways to update your coworkers database.

To integrate your non-connected coworkers, you will have to :

  • leave the 'Email' and 'Phone' fields empty

  • and for each coworker, fill in a unique and easy-to-remember personal identifier.

⚠️ Make sure to fill in the personal identifiers without accents, apostrophes, or spaces. Only letters, numbers, and the characters "-" and "_" are accepted.

To facilitate their distribution, choose a single format for all personal identifiers. This will allow you to share them via a common communication medium with all employees.

For example, you can use the personnel numbers of the employees ( if the employees know them) or follow this type of format: first name.last name.year of birth (e.g.: jean.beaumont.1980).

If you have these 3 elements in separate columns, you can concatenate them in Excel. Follow the Excel tutorial: Concatenate function

⚙️ Step 2: Activating Authentication for Non-Connected coworkers

Once the coworkers have been integrated into your account, all you have to do is activate the authentication of the non-connected coworkers by following the steps below.


⚠️ Make sure to fill in the company ID without capital letters, accents, apostrophes or spaces.

  • Fill in a secret code for all the non-connected coworkers (minimum 4 characters).

  • Save and voilà! 🎉

ℹ️ In order to secure their access, coworkers will be able to modify their secret code at any time from their participant space. If they forget their personalized code, they can ask the administrator to reset their code in order to use the company's secret code again.

🔈 Step 3: Communicating the identifiers and the secret code

Once the identifiers are filled in and the secret code defined, all you have to do is communicate them to your employees. If the personal identifiers follow a logical format (e.g.: firstname.lastname.yearofbirth), you can prepare a single communication medium to send to all your teams.

To make it easier for you, we have prepared :
Posters and QR Code
→ and an example below.

Your opinion counts!

Today we have some questions for you at Stark Industries. It's important for us that you give your opinion, it helps us to know what you really think and to act!

To give your opinion:

1) Log in to or scan the QR code


2) Fill out the following information

  • Company Identifier: starkindustries

  • Personal Identifier: firstname.lastname.yearofbirth
    (ex : jean.beaumont.1980)

  • Secret code: 4508
    To secure your access, remember to change it once you have logged in to your Participant Space.

3) Answer the survey!

🔐 Bonus: Reset a coworker's secret code

If an employee has forgotten their secret code, you can reset their access at any time. Follow this quick step-by-step guide:


1) Locate his or her user profile in Teams > My Coworkers.

2) Enter the user profile and click on Reset.

3) All you have to do is tell him/her the secret code associated with the account. Just in case, you can find it in Settings > Authentication.

If you have any doubts or questions, please feel free to contact our support team at [email protected]! 🧑‍💻

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