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Step 2 - Setting up a test survey
Step 2 - Setting up a test survey
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You've laid the groundwork with Step 1: Preparing for deployment?

We have now reached the test survey phase, which is essential to ensure that:
→ the surveys will be properly sent and displayed to your employees,
→ there are no major blockages in your systems.
This stage also allows you to project yourself by living the employee experience firsthand during the Supermood surveys.

In this article:

1. Add testers

In the previous step, you listed the 5-10 people who will receive your test survey.
In order for them to receive the survey, you are going to add them to the platform from Teams > My coworkers.

To do so, you have 2 possibilities :

💡 Keep in mind
→ At this stage when your employee base is not ready and loaded yet, you can just fill in the mandatory contact information for each tester: last name, first name, language, email address and/or personal identifier, active employee (yes).

→ Depending on your employee typology, consider filling in some testers with an identifier rather than an email address to be able to test access via a personal identifier and a secret code.

2. Create the test survey

Now let's move on to creating the test survey, scheduling it, and launching it!

To create your test survey, it's very simple:

  • Click on the "Create Survey" button and select the "Test Survey" template, specifically created for this purpose. Start with a new campaign and name it "Test Campaign".

  • Schedule your survey for tomorrow morning, for example.

  • In the "Recipients" tab, since only testers have been added to your account, select "all employees".

See our article: Creating a survey

That's it! The test survey is ready to go. 🚀
If necessary, you can use our pre-launch checklist right here.

Remember to communicate about your test survey launch to your testers and Account Manager, and check in after launch to make sure everything is working.

3. Check everything is running properly

Your survey is up and running? It's time to make sure everything is on track.

Things to watch for once the survey is launched

  1. Did all testers receive the survey email?

  2. Did the emails arrive in the correct inbox (≠ spam)?

  3. Are the emails displayed correctly (logos, buttons, etc.)?

  4. When you click the "Answer Questions" button, does the answering page open properly in your browser?

  5. For testers without email addresses (non-connected), were they able to access the survey?

  6. Are you able to enter and submit your answers?

Once all testers have submitted their replies

  1. From the platform, can you access the survey report?

  2. In the survey report, can you see the results graphs?

  3. From the survey report, can you download the survey report in PowerPoint format?

⚠️ Once your test is complete and everything is in order, make sure to delete the test campaign so you don't pollute your actual results later!

If you notice a malfunction, have a question, or have doubts, please let us know at [email protected]. We are here to guide you. 💁‍♀️

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