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The different ways to update your coworkers' database
The different ways to update your coworkers' database
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In order to make the most of Supermood's analytics tools, you'll need to provide some information about your employees: their name, email address or ID number, the team they belong to, and other demographic information.

This data will most likely change over time as you use the platform. That's why it's important to keep it up to date.

To do this, we provide you with several means:

We will describe here these 4 approaches and give you the keys to choose the one that suits you best.

🖐 The manual update

As the name suggests, this method consists of entering your employees' information manually into the platform.

Pros: simple and fast. In a few clicks, you are done with your modification.
Cons: each modification is made individually. Beyond a few information, the repetition makes it a long to very long process. Moreover, a manual modification is more likely to be subject to typing errors.

For whom

Structures with very little information to update:

  • Very small companies;

  • Companies with very few HR changes. For example, these companies can do an Excel import at the very beginning to set up their employee database, then make the necessary changes manually as they go.

If you have more than 10 employees to update per month, we believe that another method is more appropriate.

Manual updating can also be convenient for correcting crucial information while waiting for the next import update (see next section).

⚠️ Note, however, that if the manually corrected information on the platform is not also corrected in the next import file, the data will revert to its original state.

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📗 The Excel imports

This method consists of regularly importing (usually once a month) an Excel file containing all the information relating to employees.

Pros: it allows you to update all the employee data at once, thus avoiding the accumulation of manipulations.
Cons: monthly updates do not allow to have a permanently updated database. Moreover, it is always necessary to have a person in charge who makes this manipulation manually.

For whom

  • Organizations with no HR Information System (HRIS) or whose HRIS does not contain all the necessary information;

  • Organizations with a comprehensive HRIS but do not have the ability to set up an SFTP or API integration.

🔐 The SFTP integration

This method consists of automating the updates to your employee database by configuring your HRIS to automatically extract and send your employee data to Supermood using the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

We recommend that you use this method if it is available to you, because it is simple and safe: it is a copy of your data transferred in total safety. It avoids errors as much as possible and saves you additional work.

For whom

  • Any organization with an HRIS that supports SFTP uploads.

  • An exhaustive HRIS, which contains all the information necessary for Supermood to function.

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⚙️ The User management API

This method consists in updating the employee database in an automated way, thanks to the development, by your technical team, of a dedicated application. Supermood provides you with all the tools for your technical team to configure your application to: search, add, update or delete users.

For whom

  • Organizations with an HRIS, wishing to automate the update process and with specific needs requiring customized adjustments.

For example, your technical team can intervene to integrate advanced update rules such as 'if the employee's contract start date is in the future, then the employee is not added to the platform'.

⇒ Learn more: User management API

Still not sure which method will work best for your organization? Your account manager can advise you - feel free to contact them! 💌

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