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Promote recognition through the SuperLike
Promote recognition through the SuperLike
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The SuperLike is a great tool for employee recognition.

Once a week (the most common frequency), each employee has the opportunity to award a single SuperLike to the person of their choice.

Benefits of the SuperLike

Anonymous or nominative and accompanied by a message and/or a GIF, the SuperLike helps boost the confidence of employees and creates a positive emulation in the teams that use it.

These playful exchanges, in addition to triggering discussions and increasing motivation and trust within and between teams, can also be useful to the management team. Simple tools allow them to easily analyze which teams are interacting frequently or which populations are isolated - all while maintaining employee confidentiality (a manager or administrator has no way of knowing who did or did not send a SuperLike, to whom, or what was in it).

Life of a SuperLike

🚀 The starting point

If an email is configured by the administrator, I receive an alert at the beginning of each SuperLike period. I can now send a little word of thanks or encouragement to the person of my choice.

✍️ The choices

From the launch email or by logging in to Supermood, all I have to do is make my choices:

  • I select the person to send it to;

  • I reveal my identity or not;

  • I write my message and/or associate a GIF.


💌 The delivery

The next morning (outside of weekends), the person I chose receives my SuperLike! This delay between validation and sending avoids the "you sent me one, so I'm sending you one" effect.


You are an administrator and want to set up the SuperLike for your company? Check out our article Setting up SuperLike! 🚀

If you have any other questions, drop us a line at [email protected] - we'd love to hear from you. 💁‍♀️

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