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Combine the sending of surveys in a single e-mail
Combine the sending of surveys in a single e-mail
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Available for: Admins

You have several survey campaigns and you would like to avoid multiple e-mails? You can combine all your surveys into one e-mail! When you have several surveys at the same time (or a survey and the SuperLike), a feature allows you to send only one e-mail to your teams.

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How does this work on the participant side?

The survey e-mail you choose to send will direct participants to their survey link. Once this first survey has been completed, they will be redirected to the home page of their participant space and will be able to view and complete the SuperLike or other surveys in progress.

ℹ️ If the next survey has only one question, it will appear directly after participants have completed the first survey. They will not need to enter the survey to see and answer the question.

Below are some examples of the sequence of surveys in the different configurations:

  1. The sequence of two surveys with multiple questions

  2. The sequence of a multiple questions survey and a single-question survey

  3. The sequence of a survey and the SuperLike

How do I get started?

1. Choose the campaign you want to redirect coworkers to first and schedule the email from that campaign.


If you have two surveys, one with multiple questions and one with only one question, schedule the email to be sent from the survey with multiple questions! Once participants have answered the first survey, they can directly answer the next question without having to enter the survey. This way, you'll encourage participation by optimizing the sequence of your surveys and reducing the number of clicks!

2. Next, go to your other surveys or SuperLike to make sure they have the same settings (date, time, and frequency) and uncheck the "When survey starts" box.


Remember to schedule a reminder email in other campaigns! Employees will be redirected to the corresponding survey link if they had missed it during the launch communication.

That's it! Your teams will only receive one e-mail and will be able to take all their surveys. 👏

If you have any doubts, feel free to ask us your questions at [email protected]!

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