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Choose the best frequency for your surveys
Choose the best frequency for your surveys
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Keep in touch with your employees with regular surveys!

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The benefits of continuous listening

Your employees' engagement and satisfaction evolve every day based on their experiences at work. Collecting regular feedback allows you to monitor this evolution and be reactive if necessary.

Regularly sending out surveys allows you to:

→ discover trends within your organization so that you can act quickly on areas for improvement

→ follow the evolution of your employees' feelings on the same issue and thus understand the scope of the actions implemented;

→ get managers more involved in an active listening approach.

Choose the frequency of your surveys

There is no ideal frequency applicable to all companies for submitting your internal surveys. There are several factors to consider in order to ensure a pleasant experience for respondents and thus optimize your participation rate:

According to the theme of the survey

A survey on workload will require a very regular frequency (weekly) as this is a topic that can vary a lot from week to week. Conversely, a survey on inclusion and diversity may need to be more spaced out. It is unlikely that your employees' feelings on this topic will change completely from one week to the next.

💡 Tip: ask yourself how soon you could implement the first measures on this topic.

If you can take action quickly, plan to do it more frequently. This will allow you to see if your actions have improved the satisfaction of your teams.

Based on your ability to communicate the results

Take into account the time to analyze your surveys!

Before launching a new survey, it is recommended that you communicate the past results and the action plan envisaged. This is what will allow you to maintain the interest of your employees in these surveys.

Depending on the number of questions

Make sure that the number of questions asked is consistent with your frequency of sending the survey!

We recommend that you define a maximum of :

  • 5 questions for your weekly surveys ;

  • 8 questions for bi-monthly or monthly surveys;

  • 15 questions for one-off surveys.

⚠️ The more questions you have, the more likely you are to discourage employees from responding.

Depending on the length of the survey

It is recommended that you set a survey duration between one and two weeks maximum;

In our experience, 75% of responses are collected in the first 2 days. After a week, it is rare that employees respond. Another advantage: you will have more time to analyze the results before your next survey.

Choosing the frequency of the SuperLike

The SuperLike is a special case, as it allows you to improve recognition within your organization. Every time you send a SuperLike, you earn a smile! So don't hesitate to set it to a weekly frequency.

💡 Our recommendation:

Set the launch date around the end of the week (Thursday or Friday), so that your employees can better identify who they feel most grateful to while reviewing their week.

You are now ready to define the most suitable frequency for your surveys!

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