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Handling 'bounce' and 'blocked' alerts
Handling 'bounce' and 'blocked' alerts
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Have you received an alert telling you that some e-mails have not been sent? This article is for you. The alert is sent to you the day after a sending attempt when e-mails have not been delivered to their recipient due to a "bounce" (return to sender).

In these alerts, you will find a list of email addresses whose status is marked as bounced or blocked. To unblock them, an action will be necessary: either from you (as the account administrator) or from your IT department, depending on the cause of the block.

ℹ️ When the status of the email is "blocked", this indicates that the Supermood emails were automatically stopped because the bounce contained a "hard bounce" error message.

In this article :

Unblocking "bounce" or "blocked" emails

There are many reasons why emails can bounce. Here are some common reasons for bounce and how to fix them:

✍️ The email address is incorrect

If the email addresses have been entered incorrectly, you will simply have to edit them.

  • 🔐 If it's just a few addresses, edit them manually while you can. This will allow employees to receive reminder emails or log in to their Participant Space to complete the ongoing survey.

  • 🔐 If there are a lot of addresses, you can consider modifying them via an import. Tick the option "delete coworkers who are not in the file" to avoid creating duplicated users.

⚠️ Be careful, however, as the import of an Excel file does a "cancel and replace", the employees updated via this mode will not be counted as part of the recipients' list and will therefore not be able to receive the reminder emails.

🚪Coworkers have left the company

Employees who have left the company may have been surveyed while their email addresses were inactive.

  • 🔐 Simply delete them from the account.

🆕 Coworkers have recently joined the company

Newcomers may have been surveyed even though their email addresses were not yet activated.

  • 🔐 Make sure that the email addresses are now active and send us the list of emails in "blocked" status to [email protected] to finalize the unblocking.

⚙️ If the email address is correct and active

The recipient's mail server may have been temporarily unavailable or may have been equipped with a filter that prevented our messages from being received.

🔐 Inform your IT department so that they can :

  • investigate the cause of this rebound

  • authorize Supermood emails (Whitelisting)

If necessary, we can provide you with an example of the error message returned by the recipient's mail server. Contact us at [email protected]!

⚠️ Once the problem is fixed, don't forget to send us an email at [email protected] to finalize the unblocking of the addresses in "blocked" status!👌

📮 The recipient's mailbox is full

Finally, if all the above points are green, it may simply be a matter of space... Because there is no space to store them, new messages to this box are refused. This can be the case when a mailbox is rarely consulted, for example during a holiday period.

🔐 To receive Supermood emails again, the recipient will simply have to free up some space.

Centralizing the treatment of these alerts

These alerts are sent to all account administrators. In order to facilitate their treatment, we recommend that you designate a person in charge (an account administrator) to centralize all these alerts and to forward them if necessary to your IT support.

Administrators not involved in the management of these alerts can then either unsubscribe from these notifications or simply ignore these emails.

💡 Tip - Create filters to automatically store these emails in a dedicated folder!

Below you will find step-by-step instructions for your mailbox :

To identify e-mails in your mailbox, you can use their subject line:

🇫🇷"Serveurs Supermood : Attention, certains emails n'ont pas été envoyés"

🇬🇧"Supermood Servers: Warning, some emails failed to be delivered"

What to do if you receive an alert when there is no ongoing survey?

Bounce & blocked alerts are not necessarily caused by a survey launch email. You can receive these alerts with the same addresses listed:

  • the day after a reminder, password reset, survey completion email, etc.

  • when email addresses are also entered in other Supermood accounts - even if no email has been sent from those accounts.
    If the addresses have been entered incorrectly, it reminds you to change them in the various accounts.

Take into account the first alert only (the one sent the day after the survey launch email). Once you have made your corrections, you should no longer receive these emails. 👌

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected], our support team will be happy to assist you! 😃

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