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Unblock emails with the status 'queued'
Unblock emails with the status 'queued'
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The support team has just told you that the reason you are not receiving Supermood emails is because they are queued? You've come to the right place.

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🧐 What is a 'queued' email?

An email with the status 'queued' indicates that the email has been delivered to the recipient's server but has been placed on a waiting list by the recipient's email server.

In other words, it has been sent by Supermood, but is stuck at the entrance of your mailbox.

💪 Unblocking 'queued' emails

To receive our emails again, follow these steps :

  • Check if your mailbox is full
    The most common reason is that there is not enough space to store the email. As soon as you clear space, you will be able to receive emails that have been placed on the waiting list.

💡 Pro tip : first thing to think about is deleting junk mail (spam folder) and emptying the trash! 🗑

  • Contact your IT department
    Your inbox was not full? Sometimes it can be a problem coming directly from the mail server.In this case, contact your IT department with the message that was provided to you by the support team.

    Feel free to also provide them with the support's email address if needed: [email protected]. 👍

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