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I don't have a link to answer the survey
I don't have a link to answer the survey
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You would like to take a survey but you did not receive a link from Supermood or you lost it? Then you've come to the right place. 👇

In this article:

👍 Do's

First of all, try logging in directly to your Supermood interface: the surveys that are waiting for your answers are waiting for you there.

👎 Don'ts

It is very important not to use someone else's link or forward your own survey email.

You might consider asking a colleague to forward their email to you... and that would be a very bad idea. That's because each survey email has a unique link to respond to ongoing surveys. If you click on a link that has been forwarded to you, you will be taken to that person's interface and may be responding on their behalf.

👀 I don't see the survey in my Supermood account

If you don't see a survey after logging in, it's possibly normal:

  • if you have recently changed teams;

  • if you are returning from a vacation or leave of absence;

  • if you've just joined the company (in this case you may not even have a Supermood profile yet).

In these 3 cases, there is a good chance that you were not on the recipients list when the survey was launched. No worries: the people in charge within your company should update the list of participants on Supermood soon and you should be able to participate in the next survey.

If, on the other hand, you joined the company several months or years ago and have not changed teams or been on leave recently, there may be a mistake. In this case, contact your manager or the person responsible for the Supermood project in your company - they can help you find out why you were not included in the survey.

😱 The platform says I've already taken the survey

If you're sure you didn't take the survey and you're still seeing this message, check out our article The platform says I've already taken the survey.

Do you have a question or doubt? Drop us a line at [email protected] - we'd love to help.


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