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The platform says that I have already completed the survey
The platform says that I have already completed the survey
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You just clicked on the button in your email to take a survey and the platform displays this message: "Oops! We're glad to see you, but it looks like you've already taken the survey."? Let's see what this means. 👇

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🧐 What happened?

You're seeing this message because the link you clicked on has already been used.

This is because in each survey email there is a unique link to take the current surveys. This link is only to be used by the recipient of the email: once the response is sent, it is registered and the platform displays this message.

If you forwarded your survey email, chances are the person you forwarded it to simply replied on your behalf. Similarly, if you clicked on a link that was forwarded to you, then you are accessing that person's interface - who has already answered.

👀 What to do?

To find out for sure, you can log into your account directly on Supermood - there you will find the surveys that are waiting for your input.

If you see the message "You have completed all surveys" and you are certain that you have not, please contact support at [email protected].

💁‍♀️ How to prevent this?

As you can see, it is very important not to forward your survey emails.

Instead, if you need to specify to your colleagues the path to take a survey, you can tell them to log in directly to their Supermood interface - the surveys that were sent to them and they haven't taken yet are waiting for them there. 👍

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