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We believe that communicating the results to your teams is essential. It is the first step towards a real feedback virtuous circle and the best way to boost participation in future surveys.

Thanks to the automatic sharing of results, you can decide to share the company's average scores with your colleagues, directly in their participant space.
After completing a survey, the participant is redirected to their home page, where they can take other surveys, send a SuperLike, and... access the results of previous surveys!


In this article:

👀 Which results are shared

The results sharing feature allows you to display - in your employee's participant interface - the results of the last survey from the campaign(s) of your choice.

  • Sharing is configured campaign by campaign
    You only share survey results for the campaigns you choose. Only the recipients of this campaign will have access to these results.

  • You only see the results of the last closed survey
    The participant space displays the results of the last survey only, and only after it is completed - this prevents premature interpretations.

  • Only overall averages are shown
    Employees do not have access to the team by team results details - only the overall averages for each closed-ended survey question.
    As a bonus, if they participated in the survey, they also get a reminder of the score they gave.

✅ How to enable results sharing

To turn on the automatic results sharing for a campaign, it's very simple!

  • Go to the campaign > tab "Settings" > sub-tab "Automatic results sharing".

  • There, simply switch the button to "Yes".

  • Repeat on all the campaigns for which you want to share the results.

ℹ️ Results sharing is applied instantly: when you activate the feature, if results are available (there is at least one completed survey in the campaign), then they appear in your teams' participant interface.

You just opened a new door in your communication with your teams. Keep the momentum going!

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