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You want to have details on your teams' participation in surveys? Depending on what you want to do, you have two monitoring options:

Participation at the Survey level

For an effective, real-time overview of survey participation, you have a "Participation" tab available in every survey report.


Here you will find:

  • Overall participation
    with a display of email reminders and the average participation for the campaign.

  • Populations that participate the most or the least
    Very handy for spotting teams to encourage! 💡
    ℹ️ Only the analysis filters where there is a noticeable disparity are accessible here.

  • A comparison tool
    displaying participation by population, with a view on the evolution since the last survey.

Accessing this information during the survey allows you to go out and encourage teams to participate before it's too late and the survey is over - and thus get the most representative results possible.

Participation at the Campaign level

To explore further, be sure to check out the "Participation Rate" tab in the campaign!


By tracking participation from this tab, you will be able to:

  • Measure employee adoption of the Supermood approach / Identify a survey that did not reach its target
    If participation was generally good during previous surveys, but the last survey only recorded a low level of participation, we can assume that the employee feedback process is being followed as a whole (teams are on board with the process), but that there was a failure during the last survey (whether it was a timing problem with a survey launched during a vacation period, or a wording issue with a question, for example).

  • Identifying a disengaging team
    A team that drops out of the pack and begins to have low participation during the campaign may have encountered a problem that causes them to lose confidence in the employee feedback principle. It is important to open the discussion to address the issue.

Are you noticing a rather low or declining participation? Have a look at our recommendations article: Boosting participation! 🚀

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