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You have monitored the participation rate of your surveys and are wondering how to encourage your teams to participate? You've come to the right place!

From the survey creation to the reporting of its results, many factors can influence the participation rate. Here we reveal some best practices to boost your participation rate. 👇

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Before the survey launch

You can impact the survey participation before the survey has even begun!

  • Inform your coworkers about the objectives of the surveys and their confidentiality to remove any doubts.

  • Use multiple communication channels (emails, posters, etc.) to give even more visibility to your surveys.

  • Ensure a good participant experience with a clear and concise survey.

  • Make sure that employees on leave are marked as inactive.

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During the survey

There is always time to influence survey participation!

  • Identify the populations that participate less from the platform so you can encourage them.

  • Add a reminder before the survey ends and reach only those who have yet to participate.

  • Involve local managers to motivate coworkers during team meetings, for example.

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At the end of the survey

Once the survey is over, your next actions will play a crucial role in participation in future surveys. Here are a few things you can do once the survey is over.

  • Share the results with your teams - directly via the platform, or through dedicated media (newsletters, etc.).

  • Communicate on the actions you plan to take to show them that their participation has a real impact and can influence the company's decisions.

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