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Encouraging participation: during the survey
Encouraging participation: during the survey
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Once the survey is ongoing, you can still encourage your populations to participate and get a higher participation rate.

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🎯 Identify populations to encourage

Focus your efforts on the teams that participate the least and try to understand what is holding them back from participating. To do so, you can identify during the survey the populations that participate the least and those that participate the most.

  • In the survey report, look for the "Survey participation" box - this is where the platform shows you the participation disparities.

  • Have a look at the participation disparities by selecting the different comparisons from the drop-down menu.


Find out what has been done in the teams that participate the most to invite employees to participate. You may get some good practices to encourage the less participating teams!

You can go further in your participation analysis by consulting a complete and detailed view from the "Participation Rate" tab.

⏰ Add a reminder during the survey

If you didn't set up one or more reminder emails when you created your survey, you can still catch up!

  • Go to the Survey Campaigns module, and enter the campaign you are interested in. There you will find a list of your sent surveys with your current survey at the top of the list.

  • Click on the drop-down menu at the top right, select "Add a Reminder", and set the date and time you are confident you will reach your audience.


Reminder emails are only sent to people who have yet to participate in the survey. This way, you can be sure to target your communication to the right people.

🤝 Involve line managers

Local managers are the most likely to encourage participation during a survey. Here are some tips to encourage your teams :

  • Announce in a meeting that the survey is ongoing and set an example by starting to answer.

  • Set aside a dedicated time for your teams to complete the survey. Ideally, you should introduce it in a meeting and leave a slot for coworkers to take the time to answer it.

  • Provide tablets or a computer in the break room to allow less connected populations to complete surveys.

  • Remind them of the actions that have been taken as a result of feedback from previous surveys and show them the impact of their feedback on the continuous improvement of company life. If no action has been taken since the last survey, explain why (e.g. a topic has been raised and requires more investigation, actions are being considered, etc.).

Once your survey is complete, the next actions you take will have a definite impact on participation in future surveys. To stay on track, see our tips for Encouraging participation: after the survey.

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