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Build connection with reaction to the comments
Build connection with reaction to the comments
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To create more conversations, we decided to give managers the ability to react to employees' feedback - while protecting the employee's identity. This way, the management team (admins and results viewers on the platform) can thank an employee, inform them that their feedback has been taken care of, or ask to better understand the potential problem - all with a few clicks.

In this article:

👍 The benefits of reacting to comments

This is a powerful tool that allows you to:

  • build rapport with the teams

  • react quickly, and thus limit potential well-being issues

  • bring recognition to employees by letting them know when their feedback is impactful

  • push for more actionable feedback

💬 How to react to a comment

Once the option is activated, you can select a reaction directly from the comments (or verbatims) left by your collaborators.

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ℹ️ Multiple users can react to the same comment. The author will be notified of each reaction.

📬 On the employee side


➤ The comment's author receives an email informing them that you have reacted to their comment, with a reminder of the comment involved and the initial question.

➤ The email carefully specifies that their identity remains protected and gives them tools to understand how we protect their confidentiality.

➤ The person can then, if (and only if) they choose to do so, reveal their identity to open the conversation on the topic at hand, using the communication tool of their choice (email, internal messaging, etc.).

✅ How to enable reactions to comments

Account administrators can enable or disable reactions to comments from My account > Settings > Security parameters. 🚀

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]!

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