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Available for: Admins, Results viewers, Campaign owners

It is possible to export your survey results in Excel format. This is very useful, especially if you want to use another type of analysis tool than those available in the Supermood platform.

To do this, go to Survey Campaigns, click on the "Export" button above the list of campaigns and follow the instructions!

In this article:

🗓 Select the surveys

First enter the campaign(s) whose results you want to download, then the start and end dates of your export.

💡 If you want the results of a particular survey, select the campaign in question, then enter the dates as follows:

→ beginning : one day before the survey start
→ end : one day after the survey end

👥 Select the populations

If your account has the double filter activated, you can choose the population whose results you want to export: your entire perimeter, or a smaller perimeter that you define with a filter.

If needed, you can include subpopulations to compare their results.

💡 Pro tip
To compare results
based on a characteristic (Department, Country, etc.), select the desired filter and then click "Select All". You will get a result split to allow an easy comparison.

📌 Select the types of results

Finally, choose the type of questions you want to export: close-ended, open-ended, multiple choice or all at once.

💡 If you want to export the comments, you can select "open questions". Be careful though: in case you have enabled comments on a closed question, don't forget to include the results of the closed questions as well.

You will then get an Excel file with a tab for each type of result:

“Closed questions” tab

“Open questions” tab

“Closed questions - verbatims” tab

"Multiple choice questions” tab

Provides, among other things, the participation rate, the score and the score breakdown for each question.

Contains all comments, sorted by question.

(closed questions with activated comments)
Lists each verbatim and associates it with the score given by the author.

Details the statistics associated with each choice, question by question.

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