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Improve the participant experience
Improve the participant experience
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It is possible to tailor the way employees access surveys, depending on your needs and those of your teams.

In this article:

📣 Adapting communication channels

Whether you're a highly flexible company, a mostly field-based organization, or simply want to adapt Supermood to your specific tools, there are many reasons to choose one communication channel over another for sharing your surveys.

Supermood provides different ways to best fit your needs:

  • emails, to get to the survey in one click

  • SMS, to answer from anywhere

  • a link to share (via QR code, for example), for your offline collaborators

  • the API, for even more flexibility ( to integrate the surveys into your internal tools, for example)

💡 Pro tip
To give more visibility to your surveys, consider combining several channels!

Want to diversify the way you communicate surveys to your teams? Check out our dedicated article: Survey communication channels

🎨 Brand the content to your colors

Since Supermood is the trusted third party that holds the confidentiality of your employees' answers, we think it's important to communicate the surveys to your teams under the Supermood brand.

That said, you may still want to tailor the emails and participant interface to reflect your brand identity - whether it's to reassure your teams about where the surveys are coming from, or how their responses are being used.

To that end, you can:

  • add your logo to the emails sent and on the participant interface;

  • change the dominant color in the emails sent and on the participant interface;

  • customize the signature and sender of emails sent by the platform.

To personalize the content with your company's brand, follow the guide: Branding emails and the participation space

Need advice on which options are best suited to your context? Feel free to ask your Account Manager for advice! ⭐️

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