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Available for: Admins, Campaign owners

In the question addition pane, you will find a "+ Create a question" button. This button will allow you to write your own questions. From there, all you have to do is follow the steps!

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Define the question's theme

From the drop-down menu, choose the theme that most closely relates to your question.

This will allow you to easily find it in your question library when needed.

Choose the question type

The platform offers 3 types of questions:

  • Open questions (comments)

    These are the questions that are answered by a comment. They allow contributors to express themselves freely on a given topic, and admins and result readers to collect the raw opinions of participants.

    → Answering these questions is optional.

  • Closed questions

    These are the questions that are answered by giving a score. Asked several times (over the course of the surveys) in the same campaign, they allow you to follow the evolution of your teams' scores.

    Write your question and determine the most appropriate rating scale. Please see our articles on the subject: Phrasing a closed-ended question and How to choose a rating scale.
    You can also change the display of the scale (numbers, hearts, stars, etc.) and choose to activate comments: employees will be able to specify the reasons for their rating.

    → Answering these questions is mandatory to validate a survey.

  • Multiple choice questions (MCQ)

    These questions are answered by selecting one or more predefined choices.

    Start with the statement, then create up to 5 answer choices. You can restrict the number of choices participants can select if it applies to your question. Feel free to have a look at our article: Phrasing a multiple choice question (MCQ).

    → Answering these questions is mandatory to validate a survey.

  • Yes/No questions

    This is basically an MCQ pre-filled with "Yes" and "No" choices, and a limit of 1 answer allowed.

    Simply type in your question statement and save!

    → Answering these questions is mandatory to validate a survey.

Write the translations

Make sure to translate your question into all available languages so that all your employees can answer it. To do this, click on the different languages in turn:


ℹ️ A red dot tells you that the question was not written in the relevant language.

Save and add the question

Finish with "Save" and the question you just created appears in your question library. It is automatically selected so all you have to do is click "Add Question" to include it in your survey. 👍

You can also choose not to add it right away and close the survey editing pane, or create another question by clicking the "Create Question" button again.

Edit a custom question

Either from your survey or from the question library, you can edit your custom question by clicking on the edit icon



⚠️ Caution: It is possible to change the name of a custom question.

When you change the wording of a question, it will affect all surveys that contain the question as well as its past and future results.
Be sure to use this feature only to address wording issues (spelling, translation), but do not change the meaning of the question - this will render your results inoperable.

Any doubts or questions? Feel free to contact us at [email protected] - we'll be happy to help. 💁‍♀️

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