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At Supermood, participants' privacy is a cardinal value. That's why all our surveys are confidential!

Confidentiality consists of ensuring that those responsible for the surveys, as well as each person having access to results, are strictly unable to personally identify a respondent. It is essential for the success of your surveys so that coworkers can feel protected and respond genuinely and sincerely.

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💡 In keeping with the precautions put in place to ensure employee protection, we encourage you to communicate transparently about:
→ the purposes of your surveys
→ the measures put in place to preserve their confidentiality

🔒 The confidentiality threshold - an automatic protection

To allow everyone to answer confidentially, Supermood hides the results of teams with less than 5 survey respondents.

In other words, if you have a team of 10 people and only 4 of them answered the questions then their answers will be masked. This also means that a team composed of less than 5 coworkers will never have their results accessible, it will always be masked by the platform.

💡 Admins' good practices:
Make sure you create teams of more than 5 people on the platform. To do this, each analysis filter has to be common to at least 5 coworkers.

⇒ To learn more: The confidentiality threshold

💬 Comments & Confidentiality

We know that comments are sensitive data because they can more easily make people identifiable. To do this, we support employees, administrators, and managers to ensure the confidentiality of each participant.

When answering an open-ended question

  • Respondents are informed that their answers will be read as such (not modified by the platform).

  • An explanatory 'Learn more' link below each open-ended question gives them a few tips for formulating their comment.

  • Answers to open-ended questions are always optional.

When analyzing comments

  • The filtering rules for open questions are more strict (the comparison filter is unavailable).

  • The confidentiality threshold is based on the number of respondents to the survey. Since open-ended questions are optional, comments are displayed as soon as the confidentiality threshold for the survey is met. Let's take an example, 5 coworkers responded to the survey, of which only 2 coworkers left a comment to the open-ended question. The comments will be displayed since it is not possible to identify which of the 5 coworkers answered the open-ended question.

We cannot stress enough that it is essential that coworkers feel as comfortable as possible when giving feedback, and we therefore expressly ask administrators and managers not to try to hijack the use of filters (as expressed in our terms of use).

💡 Managers' good practices:
We recommend that you avoid presenting raw comments to your teams: it is preferable to convey only the main topics revealed by the recurrence of words to avoid a style of writing being recognized.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] ! 💁‍♀️

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