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Available for: Admins, Project Manager

You are an administrator or project manager and you want to create a survey? You've come to the right place. Let this step-by-step article be your guide. 👇

In this article:

1. Create a survey

In the left-hand menu, clic “Create a survey” to begin. You then have a choice:

  • select one of the many templates created by our experts around specific contexts or themes;

ℹ️ Note: once you've chosen a template, it's always possible to adapt it to whatever suits you.

  • or choose to create your own survey from scratch. You will be able to draw from our question base afterwards, or create your own questions!

💡 Enjoy our tips for Building a cohesive questionnaire.

2. Attach the survey to a project

All surveys are linked to projects. These allow you to define a list of recipients and a theme, common to the surveys they contain. They also allow you to analyze results accurately, since the recipients are homogeneous from one survey to another.

A project can contain several one-time surveys or one recurring survey.
When the platform prompts you, select an existing project or create a new one.

3. Define the survey's content

The title and description

Surveys are created with a default title. You can change it with a simple click on the edit icon. Remember to translate it into all languages!

If you wish, you can also add a description to your survey here - it is optional, and will be displayed on the employee side just below the survey title while they answer it.

Adding questions

Simply click on the "Add Question" button and choose from the library of questions.

In order to facilitate your choice, you can:

  • filter questions by theme;

  • choose to display only Supermood questions or your own;

  • or enter a word or part of a question (note: the search is case sensitive).


Can't find the question you need? You can create your own questions!

ℹ️ Notes
→ You can enable comments on any closed question.
→ You cannot change a Supermood question. The fact that they remain the same allows us to establish statistics that help us advise you.

Organizing the questions

Adding a section

Next to the "Add Question" button is the "Add Section" button. Sections are pages of text that you can insert before, after or between your questions to provide some breathing moments.

If you have a long survey (more than 15 questions), we recommend grouping your questions on the same topics, and cleverly inserting section pages between each topic to introduce the upcoming theme.

Arranging questions and sections

As you hover over questions or sections, icons appear that allow you to:


change the questions/sections' order;


edit a question/section's content;


remove a question/section.

⚠️ If you change the wording of a custom question, be careful not to change its meaning.

4. Time of launch and reminders

In the survey you have just created is a blue banner containing the "Dates and Reminders" button. This is where you will be able to enter the start and end dates of your survey, as well as the dates of any reminder emails.

Survey dates

Choose to send your survey on a one-time basis and simply set the start and end dates and times; or choose recurring sends and set the frequency.

Not sure what to do? Take a look at our article Scheduling a Survey.

E-mail launches

By default, Supermood sends emails to employees so that they can take the survey: a launch email when the survey starts, and a reminder email 1 day before the end of the survey.

In "Dates and reminders", you have the possibility to modify these sendings for a survey:

💡 If you want to change the default email schedule or content for the entire project, you can request this from your account manager.

5. The e-mails' content

Now that you have determined the emails to send for this survey, you have the option to edit the content :

  • at the top of your survey, click on the "Survey Emails and Reminders" icon ;

  • select the email you want to modify in the timeline by clicking on "View/Edit Email";

  • you will then see the email that will be sent and can modify it in all languages.

To learn more, you can read our article Modifying the content of survey emails.

Do you want to change the graphic design of emails by inserting your logo, for example? Follow the guide right here: Customize the branding of emails and the co-worker space.

Do you prefer to use another communication channel than email to involve your teams? See our article Communication channels for surveys.

6. The recipients list

The recipients list is common to all surveys in a project, and is automatically updated when you update your teams.

Go to the 'Recipients' tab of your project and decide if you want to send surveys in this project to all your active employees, or to a specific population.

To learn more about configuration rules, check out our article Defining the recipients list.

7. Last checks

You have completed all the steps to set up your survey. 🎉

You can check your settings with just a few clicks. Go to the 'Surveys' tab of your campaign, locate your survey and click on the icons:

“Survey Emails and Reminders" - to access the survey timeline with the different stages of emailing;


“Survey Preview" - to browse the survey workflow.

To go further, and especially if you want peace of mind on the eve of a survey, consider checking out our article Checking Survey Settings. 👍

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