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A sensitive comment is a comment that contains insulting keywords or potentially related to psychosocial risks or harassment.

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⚙ How does it work?

We have a list of words and phrases to monitor, enriched by user feedback and analysis of hundreds of thousands of collected comments. Every hour, the platform inspects the monitored words or phrases and marks comments as sensitive when any of those words or phrases are detected.

👁 Who can view sensitive comments?

The sensitive comments filter is reserved for administrators so that they can determine if a response is necessary or if it's a false alert or an already addressed topic. However, these comments are accessible to the viewers but are not highlighted with the "sensitive" marking.

🚨 How to handle sensitive comments?

A sensitive comment should not be ignored and should be addressed promptly. The alert may be more or less relevant (depending on the context) and more or less significant, which is why human verification is recommended.

If you identify a confirmed sensitive comment, we advise you to try to determine its source (while respecting the confidentiality of employees). This will allow you to contact the appropriate person locally (HR manager for the area, team manager) and work together on a solution. Your account manager can assist you in this process.

You can also encourage the team of the person who left the comment to reach out to competent individuals within your company or related services (occupational health, employee representative bodies, harassment contact points, etc.).

Reminder: The contract with Supermood prohibits us from breaking the respondent's confidentiality by providing you with their identity. In the event of an imminent risk, please contact your account manager.

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