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You have several sources of information to draw on to determine the best actions to take:

Let's explore them! 👇

💬 Your team

Your team members are the people who have the best understanding of your context.

  • Draw on their suggestions in the comments they wrote.
    ⇒ To learn more: Analyzing comments

  • You can also take advantage of a meeting to facilitate a workshop and determine the next actions as a team.
    ⇒ To learn more: Results’ discussion guide

🧑‍💼 The HR Team

HR team can advise you or let you know if other teams are doing particularly well on the topics identified as priorities for yours. Ask to be put you in touch with the right people! This will allow you to share best practices to implement.

🤝 Your peers

Your team's strengths can be opportunities for others to improve and vice versa. Get in touch with other managers and teams who have encouraging results in the areas you want to take action on.

🗃️ Our recommendations database

Our experts have identified many concrete actions to implement to improve employee engagement and satisfaction on a variety of topics. Find inspiration in our recommandation database.

🔎 Your own research

You can also find inspiration by conducting your own research online, in books and journals, or at conferences. We regularly update our blog with articles and events that may be of interest to you: Supermood Resources.

If you have any question or success story to share with us, feel free to contact us at [email protected]! 😄

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