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From results to action
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You collected feedback from your employees and now want to act on the issues raised? You've come to the right place! Let us share with you our methodology for moving from survey results to action.

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Choose one or two key issues for which you can develop an action plan.

In order to select the topics to prioritize, simply ask yourself the right questions:

  • Which topics have the most impact on the daily experience of your team? You can discuss this during the presentation of the results.

  • Are these topics aligned with your company's current strategy?

  • Apart from what emerges from the survey results, is there a topic that keeps coming up in team meetings or informal discussions?

💡 Pro tip

Need help choosing which topics to prioritize? Involve your teams by asking them to vote for the topics they want to prioritize, either in a team meeting or with the help of an MCQ.

💪 Establishing an action plan

Find the right solutions for your teams.

You have selected the issues on which you will focus your efforts? Now you can take action and think about what can be done to improve the engagement and satisfaction of your teams on those issues.

Need some inspiration?

⇒ Find our tips in this article: Finding ideas for action

📊 Measuring impact and repeating

Monitoring improvements and maintaining the feedback loop.

➤ Logging your actions

Log your actions on Supermood and make sure that each step has a designated owner and a clearly defined time frame for implementation.

Marking these events over time will allow you to track them and identify their impact on future survey results. It also allows you to do a quarterly or annual summary of the actions taken, to boost your employees' engagement and show them that their feedback is being taken into account!

➤ Monitoring the evolution

Repeat the question in the same campaign to monitor the evolution of results in response to the actions taken.

➤ Promoting the actions and their impacts

Show your teams that they can influence the life of the company through their feedback:

  • Highlight the actions that have been implemented through reporting (photos, celebrations)

  • Introduce the next meeting by asking how their feelings have evolved since the last action was taken.

  • Ask for your team's opinion on whether to pursue this direction!

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