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Measuring your action plan's success
Measuring your action plan's success
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You have taken measures to improve the engagement and satisfaction of your employees and want to evaluate the success of your action plan? You are in the right place!

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Recording actions

Remember to log all your actions on the platform. This will allow you to correlate them with the results of your key metric.


You can share the actions implemented and thus measure their appreciation by the concerned coworkers.

Measuring the impact of your action plan

To measure the impact of your action plan, the platform provides you with several monitoring tools.

📈 Score evolution

Before implementing any actions, assess the opinions of your employees using closed questions (with a scale). Then, regularly survey your teams with these questions within the same campaign. You will then be able to follow the evolution of the score and therefore the impact of your actions as you go along.

An action plan does not always bring immediate results, so set milestones for your project. Monitor progress and determine for each milestone how long it will take for the impact to be tangible.
Think about surveying your teams between each milestone to better observe the impact your actions will have on your employees' perceptions (after the announcement; after the first step has been completed; three months later; etc.).

📊 Impact on the main question

It is interesting to see what influence the issue addressed may have on the score of your main question (the main topic that the whole company wants to improve). Go to the Actions menu and identify the actions that may have contributed to the improvement of your score!


Your main question score is going up right after a quick impact action? This means that you are most likely on the right track.

👍 Employees' appraisal on the actions taken

If your actions have been shared on the platform, evaluate their popularity thanks to the number of likes they have received from your teams.

To go further, you can also create a specific survey to ask your employees :

  • if they noticed that this action was taken ;

  • if they have any comments ( suggestions or improvements to be made) following this action.

What if the results are not directly visible?

No need to panic! Evaluate what went well and what may have caused the action plan to fail before trying to launch another action plan. Your Account Manager is here to assist you!


Involve your teams by conducting a survey to assess their opinions on the action plan! Are they satisfied with the actions taken? Do they have any suggestions on how to address these issues?

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