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Involving managers
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Managers are often in the best position to identify and act on the business and operational issues of their teams. To gain impact, we encourage you to involve them quickly in the employee feedback process by giving them access to the platform.

In this article:

🧐 Deciding what access to grant

There are several types of access to the platform, which you can allocate according to your needs. These roles can be combined and activated at any time:

  • Administrators to access all the platform settings;

  • Viewers to view survey results and export the list of coworkers;

  • Campaign Owners to create surveys and view their results.

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👩‍💻Setting up rights

Have you decided which role to assign to whom? Make an appointment now with your Account Manager to get help setting up the rights.

Once the first accesses have been configured, you can update them autonomously.

To centralise access and adjustment requests, consider providing the contact of the person in charge or sharing an access request form.
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⇒ Find out more:

🛟 Onboarding managers

To help your managers get started with the tool, we have prepared user guides. 📖

💡 Handy tip
If you have a lot of managers to onboard on the platform, you can request for a webinar training from your Account Manager. 👩‍🏫

📩 Bonus - Facilitating access with SSO

You can ease users' access to your Supermood by implementing a single sign-on (SSO) method, eliminating the need to create yet another password.

It allows users to log in directly through your identity provider (such as Google or Microsoft).

⇒ Find out more: Setting up Single Sign-on (SSO)

Any doubts or questions? Contact us at [email protected] - we will be happy to help you! 💁‍♀️

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