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Creating a project
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Surveys > Create a project

Available for: Admins ✅ Project administrators ✅

To send a survey to your employees, you must attach it to a project. Asking a question several times in the same campaign is what will allow you to follow and analyze its evolution over time. Let's see here why and how. 👇

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What is a project ?

A project acts as a framework for your surveys.
It is assigned a theme (which will be explored through the surveys) and, most importantly, a list of recipients.


If a topic is important to you (such as engagement, for example), you will want to follow the evolution of employees' feelings on this topic over time and through the actions you have implemented.
However, to follow the evolution of a metric, you have to be careful to consult the same populations. With the project framework, we avoid interviewing totally different populations - which would render the monitoring meaningless.

Thus, it is by asking the same question repeatedly in the same project that we can track the evolution of that question.

ℹ️ Note : Evolution tracking applies to closed questions (or scaled questions) since these are the only ones for which there is a score to compare.

How to create a project ?

When you create a survey, the platform simply prompts you to:

→ select the project of your choice
→ or create a new one and give it a title to easily recognize it!


As you create them, your project will appear as a list in the Survey Project space. This list allows you to have a good overview of your projects and edit or delete them if needed. 🤓

If you have an interest in a particular project consider adding it to your favorites! It will then appear in the left-hand menu and you can receive notifications about it.

A doubt or question? Feel free to contact us at [email protected] - we'll be happy to help!

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