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Available for: Admins, Results Viewers

Need to find a specific survey? Here we reveal the tips and shortcuts to quickly access the survey reports you are interested in.

By default, you have a view of all campaigns and surveys. To be sure that your team has been involved in one of the surveys, just take a look at the number of people surveyed. "0 recipients" simply means that your team was not surveyed. You will not be able to view the results of this survey.

In this article, retrieve your surveys:

📊 From the dashboard shortcuts


From your dashboard, you will find a panel at the bottom right listing the ongoing and finished surveys. They are sorted in chronological order. Click on the links to access the survey reports.

🗂️ From your survey campaigns

Campaigns are folders containing your surveys, which are each given a list of recipients (e.g. all employees or a department). You can see all the campaigns created, including those that do not concern your team - this gives you an idea of the questions asked in other campaigns.

To quickly find your surveys, we advise you to :


⭐️ Bookmark your campaigns

Click on the star to the left of the campaign to bookmark it. This will give you quick access from :

  • the side menu

  • and the list of campaigns - by clicking on "Only my favorites".

♻︎ Sort the campaigns on the "Nb. surveyed" column

Sort the campaigns on the "Surveyed" column to find the surveys distributed to your teams.
→ If you observe a number of recipients, this corresponds to the number of people within your scope who have been or will be approached by the surveys in this campaign. Once the confidentiality threshold is reached, you have access to the results.
→ If the campaign is filled in with "0 recipients", there are no results to view.
Your team has not been solicited on this campaign - they are not part of the recipients' list.

When in a campaign you are interested in, click on the "Results" tab to access the survey reports, and feel free to use our guide to: Analyze a survey. 👍

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