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You wish to start your survey, stop it or change its dates? You've come to the right place. 👍
To do this, go to your campaign, locate your survey, and follow the guide!

In this article:

⏳ Choosing between Punctual and Recurring

When scheduling a survey, the first thing you need to determine is whether it will be a recurring survey (sent out regularly) or a one-time survey (sent out only once).

  • Recurring surveys are designed to take your team's pulse through short, regular surveys (as with the eNPS). A recurring survey always contains the same questions (as long as you don't modify them), which allows you to easily observe the evolution of your results over time.

  • One-time surveys, on the other hand, are generally used in a transitory situation, if you have identified a specific topic to investigate, or for an audit.

In practice, this means that there can be several one-time surveys in the same campaign (whose launch dates must be defined individually). On the other hand, there can only be one recurring survey in a campaign - this is to allow you to read the results consistently.

You have made your choice? Now you can set the dates for your survey:

🗓 Set survey dates

Locate your survey, click on the "Dates & reminders" button and input your choices.

For a one-time survey

  • Determine the date and time of launch;

  • give it an ending time as well, and save!
    💡Pro-tip: 75% of answers are sent within the first 48 hours. Unless your employees don't receive email notifications, your surveys can be short.

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For a recurring survey

  • Choose the launch date and time;

  • Determine the duration of your survey - that is, the amount of time your employees are given to send in their feedback;

  • Specify how often you want the survey to be repeated (you can find our tips for choosing the right frequency right here).

  • A preview of upcoming survey dates will appear so you can check your configuration. Save, and you're done! Unless you edit it, subsequent surveys will automatically launch with the same questions.

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👀 Check or change the schedule

The schedule for a survey is always displayed on the survey inset. If the schedule you see does not suit you, you will find the "Change Date(s)" and "Unschedule" buttons next to it to cancel the scheduled dates.

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ℹ️ In-progress surveys can only be stopped, it is not currently possible to change the dates any further.

Specifics for recurring surveys

It is not possible to modify an ongoing survey. Thus, any changes you make to a recurring survey - the date and time, but also the questions, the content of the emails... - will be applied to the next occurrence.
In other words, if you have a survey in progress, you can modify the next survey but not the one already launched.

  • Changing dates

    Notice that your next recurring survey launch falls during a company shutdown? You can change the date of the next launch before it goes out. This will delay following occurrences by the same time amount.
    ℹ️ You can only amend the next occurrence. To modify the following ones, you will have to wait until their turn has come. Remember to mark your campaign as favorite to receive a notification before each launch.

  • Unscheduling

    The "Unschedule" button cancels the launch of future occurrences of your survey. If you have a running survey, it will not be affected. However, you can stop it if needed. 👍

Any doubts or questions? Write to us at [email protected] - we'll be happy to help.

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